About us

„Dom Sapiehy” is a historic townhouse in the heart of the Kraków Old Town, property of descendants of the Sapieha line.

Our heritage is also our commitment, to maintain this building and secure high services with tradtion and culture in mind.

Last owner, Adam Stefan Sapieha was born in Krasiczyn, in  the noble family of Sapieha , as the youngest son (the last of seven siblings) of Adam Stanisław Sapieha, an independence activist, and Jadwiga Sanguszko, who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, bought and rebuilt a historic townhouse in the heart of the Kraków Old Town for their son, the future Cardinal – Adam Stefan. Originally the building was intended for the needs of a divinity school. The building was regained by the family and revitalized as an Aparthotel.

Tracing the history of Sapieha family, you should visit the castle of Krasiczyn – located in the eastern part of Lesser Poland, near Przemyśl, where there is a hotel and restaurant. Some parts of the castle are open to visitors in groups with a guide, more at Krasiczyn – Zespół Zamkowo-Parkowy.

Memories of the family by the cardinal’s brother – Paweł Sapieha, were published in the form of a book: http://www.wydawnictwoliterackie.pl/ksiazka/727/My-i-nasze-Siedliska—Matylda-Sapieżyna

Near the Dom Sapiehy, there are: next to the Franciscan Church, monument of the Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha by August Zamoyski, and also a torso in the Jordan park in Kraków.